need help cross-compiling SSL for 5 different QNX OS target platforms

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Mon Nov 8 18:50:30 UTC 2021

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> I am trying to cross-compile the SSL software

Specifically, you're trying to build OpenSSL 1.1.1l, using cross-compilation. OpenSSL is only one implementation of SSL/TLS, so calling it "the SSL software" is not technically correct.

> ... for [various versions and platforms] of the QNX Operating System:

> While trying to compile SSH 8.8, it is providing the error:

>    In file included from openssl-compat.c:32:
>         openssl-compat.h:37:3: error: #error OpenSSL 1.0.1 or greater is required

>To satisfy this condition, I downloaded openssl-1.1.1l.    I do not know how to
> configure/make this software to create the 5 sets of SSL libraries required by
> SSH to make for my 5 targets. 

Have you read the README and INSTALL files in the OpenSSL distribution?

That may not help you, however. According to CHANGES, QNX support was removed for the 1.1.1 stream due to licensing issues with the contributions that had been made for it. So it appears you'll have to do a fresh port, not simply a build. That's generally a job for someone who has a good understanding of cryptography, TLS, and OpenSSL.

You might be able to build the final 1.1.0 release (1.1.0l). It can be found at

There are serious security issues with using older, unsupported OpenSSL versions, but 1) you'll presumably only be using portions of the cryptography layer, and not TLS support, since this is for SSH; and 2) you don't appear to have any other viable choice, at least based on what you've told us.

For all I know, there's an alternative cryptography library you can use with SSH on QNX. I don't work on that platform, and we don't know what possibilities you've investigated.

Michael Wojcik

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