OpenSSL 1.1 on OSX

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Fri Nov 19 05:31:26 UTC 2021

I'm trying to get my application that uses openSSL 1.1 running on OSX. I've
installed them using homebrew, but I can't get past Apple's gates around
blocking use of openSSL. I've copied both dylibs into my app
/Contents/MacOS folder, and signed both of them, and I load them from the
that location, but OSX still blocks loading.

It actually blocks loading libssl.1.1.dylib, with a message about libcrypto
- presumably libssl has a non-version dependence on libcrypto that OSX is

There's various write-ups about how to get an app that uses openSSL through
notarization, but they're not working for me - my app will sometimes work
under the debugger and sometimes when I run it directly, but never after
notarization (with a hardened run-time). Do I need to do something
different when libssl.1.1 is built? Or am I on the wrong track here?

Apple advice is to use something proprietary to OSX, but that's really not
practical for a cross-platform app with extensive dependencies on openSSL


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