Questions about code and performance of OpenSSL on Windows 10 64 bit Home edition.

A Z poweruserm at
Sat Nov 20 01:09:39 UTC 2021

Dear SSL,

Your encryption kit is fantastic.  I have been using it to build self-signed web certificates
and email certificates.  I have also been using it to encrypt and decrypt messages,
all via RSA, ad aes-256.  I am running OpenSSL using 64 bit Windows 10, which is different
to Linux, a little bit, since I don't have the option in Windows to pipe commands together.

-I can do error checks on rsa private keys.

openssl rsa -check -in private.key -noout

  1.  How can I do something parallel to this, to do an error check on a public key, so
that it also replies with a command line message saying whether a public
key is alright, or not? Or similarly, if I have an rsa private/public key pair,
in two different files, what openssl command can I run to
verify if these two keys match one another, accurately?

  1.  If I have a private key and a .crt web certificate, what openssl command
can I run to verify if these two files continue to match?

  1.  If I have a Thunderbird Email certificate, in pkcs12 format, how can I run
  2.  openssl to verify that with the .crt certificate that came before it?
  4.  And how can I verify between the pkcs12 email certificate and the original private key?
  5.  If I can do that, depending on the answer to 3) ?

Yours Sincerely,


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