Refactring FIPS_escda_sign() for OpenSSL 3.0.0

Kory Hamzeh kory at
Wed Oct 27 18:04:33 UTC 2021


I am upgrading some 3RD party code which performs FIPS ECDSA AVS testing for FIPS 140-2 certification. The code uses FIPS_escda_sign(), which in Openssl-fips-2.0.5 is define as:

ECDSA_SIG * FIPS_ecdsa_sign(EC_KEY *key,
			const unsigned char *msg, size_t msglen
,			const EVP_MD *mhash)

The full code is here:

I have read through all of the ECDSA sign man pages, and I cannot find a functions that is close to accepting some of the same parameter. I could use some help please. I have very little experience with ECDSA.


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