Congratulations! Missing 3.0.0 tag?

Benjamin Kaduk bkaduk at
Wed Sep 8 23:36:39 UTC 2021

On Thu, Sep 09, 2021 at 01:03:28AM +0200, Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
> But if i use
>   #?0|kent:tls-openssl.git$ alias gl1
>   alias gl1='git slpn -1'
>   #?0|kent:tls-openssl.git$ git alias|grep slpn
>   alias.slpn log --show-signature --patch --find-renames --stat --no-abbrev-commit
>   #?0|kent:tls-openssl.git$ gl1 openssl-3.0.0
>   commit 89cd17a031e022211684eb7eb41190cf1910f9fa (tag: refs/tags/openssl-3.0.0)
>   ...
> i do not.  Hm, maybe i need to relearn git again, looking around
> i see a couple of projects for which this is true (Linux,
> wireguard-tools), for others it is not (my own project, nghttp2).
> Eg "alias.slo log --show-signature --oneline --graph":

I think (off the top of my head, i.e., without consulting a reference)
that `git log` (which your aliases end up at) will only display
signatures on commits, but will not show the tag objects themselves.
`git show` does display the tag object, and for openssl only the tag
object is what is signed; the commits themselves are not signed.


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