RSA and DES encryption and decryption with C++ on Windows

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Pauli accidentally posted a link to our internal repository. You can jost replace by


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Thanks for the link, but apparently that code requires having an account to view it.

However, I've passed the information from this thread onto the guy I'm working with and he's going to reevaluate what he wants to do.




On Sun, Apr 10, 2022 at 5:52 PM Dr Paul Dale <pauli at<mailto:pauli at>> wrote:
Have a look in the demos/encrypt folder:

There has been an amount of effort put into updating these for 3.0 & later.  There is more to do.

On 10/4/22 23:50, Kenneth Goldman wrote:

Anyway, I'm trying to encrypt/decrypt using RSA and DES schemes.  I've tried some of the older code examples I could find, but some of the functions weren't recognized by my header files.
[kgold] You cannot encrypt long streams with RSA.  DES is deprecated.

Can anyone help me with this?  I want to encrypt fairly long strings.  A few hundred bytes or so.   Maybe longer.  If I can do a continuous stream of blocks that would be great, as well.

[kgold] Post a short example that did not work.

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