Unable to load PKCS#12 with password and no MAC

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Wed Feb 16 14:09:35 UTC 2022


I am trying to use OpenSSL 3 in FIPS mode to load a PKCS#12. First, I got this error:

    [root at q032 ~]# openssl pkcs12 -nokeys -info -in agent.p12 -passin pass:opsware_admin
    MAC: sha256, Iteration 2048
    MAC length: 32, salt length: 8
    Error verifying PKCS12 MAC; no PKCS12KDF support.
    Use -nomacver if MAC verification is not required.

To my understanding, PKCS12KDF used for PKCS12 MAC is non-FIPS. On openssl-pkcs12 man page I found the following two options: "-nomac" & "-nomacver" that can be useful in FIPS mode. Used "-nomac" to re-create the PKCS#12, and "-nomacver" when loading the PKCS#12 to get rid of "Warning: MAC is absent!".

The objective is to do the same thing via PKCS12_parse API. The problem that I'm facing is that there is no API equivalent for -nomacver and the following error occurs:

    4087FE21197F0000:error:1180006C:PKCS12 routines:(unknown function):mac absent:crypto/pkcs12/p12_mutl.c:182:
    4087FE21197F0000:error:11800071:PKCS12 routines:(unknown function):mac verify failure:crypto/pkcs12/p12_kiss.c:71:

The error only occurs if PKCS#12 password is not empty. If password is empty, MAC is not verified.
Am I missing something, or this is actually impossible to achieve?


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