Non-heap based structures

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at
Wed Jul 27 05:42:13 UTC 2022


I suspect I already know the answer, but... is there a way to have a non-heap based structure like EVP_MD_CTX?

If I don't want to have one be malloc'd (or OPENSSL_zalloc'd as the case may be), I can't have one be a stack variable or static, can I?

I ask because I'm trying to replace some existing code that has no path to handle out-of-memory exceptions if EVP_MD_CTX_create() ever returns NULL...

I guess the point of crypto/evp/evp_local.h is to completely hide details of the structure, including its size... so the answer to the original question is probably "no".  But I just wanted to make sure.



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