SSL server send packet FIN than data user.More the client answer with RST packet

Souheila Hechaichi souheila.hechaichi at
Thu May 5 20:05:44 UTC 2022

After establishing a secure connection between my SSL server and SSL client with OpenSSL library installed on separate Linux hosts, the SSL server send the packet FIN than the user data. The use of ssldump command indicates the presence of the following traces:
TCP: dc01dshared1p(2524) -> Seq 2822753961.(0) ACK 136721005 FIN
10    57311.4840 (57311.0739)  S>C  TCP FIN
They mean SSL server send end of send data (FIN packet).
On the packet FIN, the client sends RST packet
TCP: -> dc01dshared1p(2524) Seq 136721005.(0) ACK 2822753962 RST
10    57311.6295 (0.1454)  C>S  TCP RST

Can you help me to known why the SSL server send FIN then data user and to resolve the problem?
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