openssl 1.1.1 minor patches to build on SCO OpenServer 5.0.7

Kevin R. Bulgrien kevinb at
Fri May 13 18:29:46 UTC 2022

> It was necessary to apply 5 minor patches to openssl 1.1.1n to build it for
> SCO OpenServer 5.0.7.  One patch fixing a missing #ifdef AF_INET6 is
> already applied to current development for this base version.

Though the prior e-mail references 1.1.1n, the information in it is equally
applicable for openssl 1.1.1o.  Having realized 1.1.1o was out after sending
the e-mail, 1.1.1o was subsequently built using the same procedure and patch
set.  The 1.1.1o build yields the same results.

Naturally, patches against current development are more desirable, so this is
primarily a query to see if the patches look good, accept feedback, etc., and
determine if there's a chance for merge (before generating a PR on a system
that can interact with github).


Kevin R. Bulgrien

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