Viktor Dukhovni openssl-users at
Mon Sep 26 01:28:58 UTC 2022

On Sun, Sep 25, 2022 at 04:12:57PM -0700, Kory Hamzeh wrote:

> So I have a PEM formatted file that contains an EC certificate and a
> private key. I need to load that PEM file and converted to an
> EVP_PKEY. The goal of this exercise is so that I can do an ECDH
> pairwise consistency test (SP 800-56Ar3 Section on the key
> pair by calling EVP_PKEY_pairwise_check(). I need some help in getting
> from the PEM file to an EVP_PKEY.

For an "atomic" interface, that reads both from the same file, even
if the file is replaced (atomically, via rename(2)) while the key and
cert are being read:


For a simpler interface that is subject to races vs. atomic updates:


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