regularly failing CI processes

Michael Richardson mcr at
Sun Apr 2 17:15:35 UTC 2023

Richard Levitte <levitte at> wrote:
    > We do run the CIs (we have two CI systems running: Github Actions and
    > buildbot) on pull requests just as well as on regular commits to the

Are these containerized? Can I run them manually?

    > master and release branches.  The pull requests are usually not perfect
    > from the get go, so the CIs may fail on them until everything is fixed,
    > and this might be, as you say, a slew.

It's more than doc-nits.
I could go collect some messages if it was useful, which I guess it is.
It seems that there are a lot of failures that occur on a freshly forked branch.

    > You can, BTW, run that very task yourself at any time (it might need
    > some specific program to be installed, I frankly don't recall for the
    > moment):

    >     $ make doc-nits

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