OpenSSL seeks feedback on draft mission & values statement

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Tue Apr 4 17:03:50 UTC 2023

Hugo Landau wrote in
 <ZCalyAE5Qge65PxE at axminster>:
 |OpenSSL has produced a new draft mission & values statement. Once
 |finalised, we intend to realign all activities of the project to ensure
 |they reflect our agreed mission and values. Before doing so however, we
 |would like to obtain feedback on this statement from the public, to
 |ensure it represents all of our communities.
 |By offering us your feedback, you will help us to ensure the OpenSSL
 |project is run in a way that reflects the values of all of our users.
 |Please ensure you submit your feedback by 14th April 2023.
 |For further information on the draft mission & values statement and
 |details on how to submit feedback, please see:

So my personal opinion.
I am using OpenSSL for more than twenty years, and i am very
thankful (so not monetary, at least not yet), and i was always in
support hrm mentally, so to say.
But i do not truly understand.
I mean if all you developers are glued to and 'totally stickin' in
your browsers, then so it may be, and then just close the
mailing-list, too, for example.
But, you know, i for one just do not understand.  Some things on
the blog i find interesting (nice photo for example, and, boy,
what a collection of bad taste -- hahahaha!!  And that in
Australia, but mind you that _i_ allow you these hundreds of
thousands of flight kilometres, for one the Ozonloch is shrinking,
then someone has to pay for the burned land and collapsed nature
down under, why not you... and then my voice does not count
anyway), but most of the time i these pointers to the blog appear
to be an affront to me, as very often the blog post announcements
are longer than the blog post itself, and i think, hey, why not
post that one paragraph directly.  You know.  (Especially since
you still do not sell space for advertisings, which would make
true my very first thought, of many years ago.)
And then, i mean, sorry, but i do not want to become pointed to
a Google docs document where i have to log in or leave my email
address (and note i browse with my "account less password less"
ip netns unshare overlayfs browser instance, and i do not plan to
open the other one to go to Google Docs or something.
No, if you have seven (7) questions (as it seems), why not post
them?  You even seem to have introduced a special email address to
handle it, why not put that in Reply-To:, and place some awk (or
so) script behind the address to parse the results automatically?
I could bet (and possibly i would not loose) that this would even
have saved time compared to Google Docs (that i _never_ have used
myself ... except for one occasion where i think Mark Davies of
Unicode posted something via Google Docs .. he is also working for
Google via Switzerland, or did by then, .. if i recall and
recognized all that correctly).
In general i become a stronger and stronger opponent of _this_
internet, mind you, and i shiver under the impression of the bias
and trivialization that our kids have to face from reading the
same Wikipedia click-around-and-read "travels" that i do, yet, by
sheer luck, i have the advantage of a context of over fourty years
of reading and listening (sometimes even conscious).
Other than that i think it reads good, it is good, but
i personally find it just normal and do not know why i would need
a blog entry or a survey for these goals.  I personally am still
shocked about how few companies i see at the sponsor page, on the
other hand, and also.  The refunding and give-back of the western
industry (for example except for tiktok or what its name is the
nine largest software things are US-first-and-only) seems to be
very small.  (And that even though facebook amazon twitter, all of
which i luckily never used, base upon TLS!)

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