Changing library names?

Pete rpb5bnc at
Thu Apr 6 20:15:30 UTC 2023

Consider using the shlib_variant key for a target.  This is defined in 
Configurations/README, at least for 1.1.1.  It's not exactly what you're 
looking for since you state you would like to add a unique string before 
the 'ssl' and 'crypto' in the library name.  This will add your unique 
string as a suffix to the name.  For us, we add a '-tk' to indicate that 
this build of OpenSSL is part of our FIPS toolkit.

On 4/6/23 3:11 PM, Paul Spencer wrote:
> By default we have and
> Is it possible to configure and build using alternate names, e.g.
> and ?
> A simple rename won't work since
> libssl refers to libcrypto.

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