cSHAKE from command line

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Mon Apr 17 12:40:00 UTC 2023

I am looking to generate a cSHAKE output via the openssl command line.


I see I can generate a SHAKE128 hash by:

openssl shake128 stringtohash.dat

NIST SP800-185 defines cshake128 as:

cSHAKE128(X, L, N, S) = KECCAK[256](bytepad(encode_string(N) || 
encode_string(S), 168) || X || 00, L)

In my usage, "N" will be a null string, but "S" will have a value.

and FIPS202 defines SHAKE128 as:

SHAKE128(M, d) = KECCAK[256] (M || 1111, d)

Why 202 uses "M" & "d" and 185 uses "X" & "L" is beyond me, but eh.

I don't see how to get from one to the other.  Or maybe I am just 
missing the cSHAKE option, but the openssl wiki does not seem to have 
any reference to cSHAKE.

thanks for the help.

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