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Wed Apr 26 08:10:34 UTC 2023


I've not found other thread speaking about curl. If my question is not for this forum, I apologize. Delete it without answer.

Under Debian 11, I use scripts using openssl to create certificates.

My CA and my certificates are self-signed (it's for tests, I don't want to use real certificates).

I've configured HTTPS using SSL and / or TLS under Apache.

Scripts and Apache config was fine under Debian Stretch.

But under Debian 11, I've some problems: under Chrome, IE, Edge or Firefox on Windows 10 customer, the results are weird.

And if I modify Apache conf to have customer identification, it's even worse.

I've used successfully curl to test TLS or SSL connexion to my testing website. All is working fine (without or with client authentification) !

My question: if curl is working fine, can'I conclude my Apache configuration and my certificates are fine ?

So the problem is on Chrome, IE, Edge or Firefox on Windows 10 customer, because I use self-certificates (and these web browsers don't like today these certificates because they can't verify the CA).

Thanks for all.

Best regards.

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