Introducing GitHub Discussions

Anton Arapov anton at
Tue Aug 1 15:19:22 UTC 2023

Dear Community,

We are experimenting with a new tool, GitHub Discussions, to help facilitate our
communication and collaboration. It serves as an alternative to our
openssl-users mailing list and GitHub Issues.

- For questions about OpenSSL usage or development, please use the Q&A category:

- For general discussions about OpenSSL, please use the General Discussion

- For security issues, please follow our security policy:

- For bug reports or feature requests, please continue using GitHub Issues:

Moving forward, questions raised as GitHub Issues will be converted into

As this is a new endeavor, your feedback is crucial. We encourage you to explore
and make the most of GitHub Discussions, alongside the openssl-users mailing

We are looking forward to our discussions!

OpenSSL Team

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