[EXTERNAL] Re: Adding new directory to Configure

Martin Bonner Martin.Bonner at entrust.com
Wed Aug 2 12:33:58 UTC 2023

Martin Bonner

On 28/07/2023 12:16 Matt Caswell wrote:

> On 28/07/2023 12:09, Martin Bonner via openssl-users wrote:
>> For various reasons, we build a set of utilities along with OpenSSL.
>> In OpenSSL 1.1.1 we just changed:
>> ...
>> (line 321 of Configure)|
>> and everything worked.  There is no such line in Configure for 3.0,

> Modify the build.info file in the top level directory to change the value for SUBDIRS.

That was _amazingly_ quick (unlike my response - thank you anyway).
Also, sorry about the HTML formatting on the first post.

> You will need a new build.info file in your sub-directory. There are plenty of examples of these in the source tree.

We've already had a build.info in the sub-directory, and it all just worked.

I have to say that the configuration mechanism has improved since 1.1.1.
With 3.0, ./Configure worked flawlessly.  With 1.1.1 ./Configure said
"try ./configure", so I tried that and it failed too.

(I didn't spend any time trying to diagnose the problem, because I now
have a working 3.0 build.  I don't suppose anyone else is interested in
debugging it either, given 1.1.1 is about to go out of support.)

Martin Bonner
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