OpenSSL version number when compiling

Jun Aruga jun.aruga at
Mon Aug 14 11:32:34 UTC 2023

>> As I understand it, 3.1.1 becomes 30100010, which should be less than 30100ff0.
> No, that's incorrect. Per  OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER(3) the format is:
> MNNFFPPS: major minor fix patch status
> So 3.1.1 would be 0x30101000L (or 0x3010100f for the release version).

Are you sure about it? The man document explains "0xMNN00PP0L" on the
latest master branch. I feel you may be confused from the OpenSSL 1
> B<OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER> is a combination of the major, minor and
patch version into a single integer 0xMNN00PP0L, where:

And my test to print the OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER for OpenSSL 3.1.2
printed "0x30100020".

Note here is the used testing program to print OpenSSL versions.

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