Calling OpenSSL_thread_stop() multiple times

Martin Bonner Martin.Bonner at
Thu Aug 24 07:38:47 UTC 2023

> I have fixed the leak by moving Openssl_thread_stop() to dll_thread_detach.

Beware!  Here be dragons!

dll_thread_detach is called from DllMain when that is called with

The significance of this is that there are quite severe limitations on what you
can do inside DllMain.  See: and

I have two particular concerns:
* Openssl_thread_stop is not documented as being safe to call from DllMain
  (it would be awesome if it was) - and although it way work today, somebody may
  make a change which means it stops working tomorrow.
* I rather expect Openssl_thread_stop calls into all loaded providers - and if
  your customer has a third-party provider loaded which you haven't tested with,
  things could go wrong.

The only suggestion I have as to how to fix this is "submit a PR to document
that Openssl_thread_stop/Openssl_thread_stop_ex are safe to call from DllMain"
- preferably with the additions of loads of comments to the relevant code.

Apart from that, do lots of testing, and be prepared for issues.

Martin Bonner

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