Linking problems in MSVC++

Don Payette payettedon at
Thu Aug 24 19:33:04 UTC 2023

When I do a build in MSVC++ I get link errors, here is the one for

Severity Code   Description
Error LNK2019  unresolved external symbol _BIO_ctrl referenced in function
"public: void __thiscall CSocket::Connect(class CDFDSSocket *,char
*,unsigned short)" (?Connect at CSocket@@QAEXPAVCDFDSSocket@@PADG at Z)

I get the same for  _BIO_free_all, _BIO_new_ssl_connect and more.

I installed the OpenSSL Win64 pre-compiled binaries and pointed
to C:\Program Files\OpenSSL-Win64\lib in Library Directories.

What am I missing?

Don Payette
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