“OPENSSL_CONF” file initialization

Hareesh Das Ulleri hareesh.ulleri at ovt.com
Tue Aug 29 10:39:52 UTC 2023

Hello All,

  In my project I want to delay “OPENSSL_CONF” file initialization after sshd got started. So I tried below way, hoping it is correct !

  if (CONF_modules_load_file_ex(OSSL_LIB_CTX_get0_global_default(), "/etc/openssl.cnf", "openssl_conf ", 0 ) <= 0) {
                             fprintf(stderr, "FATAL: error loading configuration file\n");

Here the response output is success. However afterwards, the configured behavior is not expected way. For.e.g I have a session in CNF file as below for cipher operation

default_properties = "?provider=my_provider"

This is not meeting, I believe the configuration is not completed, not sure !

Could someone tell me what is missing here or how to initiate the CNF file programmatically for all the applications ?

Thank you,
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