FIPS Client on Windows for 3.X

Dr Paul Dale pauli at
Wed Aug 30 00:17:56 UTC 2023

I'll also note that _no_ version of OpenSSL 3.1 is currently FIPS 
validated.  Building 3.1 with enable-fips will _not_ give you a FIPS 
compliant installation.

To be FIPS compliant, you _must_ build the FIPS provider from the 3.0.0 
or 3.0.8 source code releases.
The FIPS provider built there will work with OpenSSL 3.1.

Instructions for this are in the 
<> file in 
the /Installing the FIPS provider and using it with the latest release/ 

Dr Paul Dale

On 23/8/23 10:45, Robert Brown via openssl-users wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working on a Windows Program that utilizes the OpenSSL libraries 
> and DLLs. I'm looking to enable FIPS in some cases (where it is 
> required by the user). Currently, I'm looking at restarting the 
> program when the FIPS mode is changed and changing the loaded provider.
> I've compiled and installed OpenSSL 3.1 with the enable-fips option, 
> run the fips install, generated the .cnf file, and copied the FIPS 
> module along with the .cnf to my program I'm following the code 
> provided at 
> <> under the 
> _Programmatically loading the FIPS module (default library context)_ 
> heading. I'm not able to load the FIPS module, the provider value is null.
> Is there anything I'm missing here or pointers to reference material 
> folks can provide me?
> As a side not I'm wondering if anyone has tips for running the 
> fips-install command on each client as it seems we can't copy config 
> files between machines.
> Thanks,
> Robert
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