UID in subj args

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Wed Jul 5 19:50:53 UTC 2023

I had picked up UID as a valid type in subj.  I see it in:


But when I have

echo $DN
/C=US/ST=MI/L=Oak Park/O=HTT Consulting/UID=rgm

with -subj "$DN" my csr has:

         Subject: C = US, ST = MI, L = Oak Park, O = HTT Consulting, UID 
= rgm

but the openssl ca command to make the certificate throws this back at 
me with:

ERROR:There is already a certificate for /C=US/ST=MI/L=Oak Park/O=HTT 
The matching entry has the following details
Type          :Valid
Expires on    :240731000000Z
Serial Number :6466A0D0B4ED8144
File name     :unknown
Subject Name  :/C=US/ST=MI/L=Oak Park/O=HTT Consulting

And that cert does NOT have UID.

It seems to be dropping the UID element?

Also I see that "initials" is a valid type for subj.  But I cannot find 
any example. Do I have




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