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Kamal Joshi kamal19joshi at
Thu Jul 13 11:06:26 UTC 2023

Hi All,

I am using openssl 1.1.1g version with my own engine code.
Basically, I am trying to load the engine at runtime by changing the
configuration file openssl.cnf

For this, I have followed the below approach.
I am compiling my engine which depends on OpenSSL. My engine library
generated is
I am seeing openssl has standards ENGINES_DIR where and
engine files are present. My engine is compiled separately with
dependency on openssl and the generated library is not present in this
engine directory.

on target, i am changing configuration file as below.

openssl_conf = openssl_def

engines = engine_section

aes_engine = store_section

engine_id = aes_engine
dynamic_path = /usr/lib/

when I am running the command openssl engine, it is giving me the
bind_engine symbol not found.

/etc/ssl$ openssl engine
(dynamic) Dynamic engine loading support
/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: bind_engine

I have searched across many places but could not understand what is missing
bind_engine symbol is resolved in afalg engine in openssl. Can someone help
me how to link my file so that I can load it
dynamically and bind_engine symbol resolved.

Is it require to edit standard makefile to include my engine as part of
openssl build or seperate build with dependency on openssl should work.

Is bind failing because of engine init is not successful.

Any input will be really helpful.

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