OpenSSL 3.0.9 : error: 'SSL_CTRL_GET_IANA_GROUPS' undeclared

Jordan Brown openssl at
Wed Jun 7 17:12:12 UTC 2023

As I read the history...

3.0.9 does not have the SSL_CTRL_GET_IANA_GROUPS change.
ssl3_ctx_ctrl does not seem to have ever had an entry for
SSL_CTRL_GET_IANA_GROUPS; that is only in ssl3_ctrl.

The form that has "s-> ext.peer_supportedgroups" is from ssl3_ctrl
before about a year ago; a year ago it was changed from "s" to "sc".

Net, this seems to be a snippet from the main line in Spring 2022
transplanted into a different function.
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