Openssl 3.0 / Openssl 1.1 at the same time in the same process

Frank Gross frank.gross at
Fri Jun 30 12:59:23 UTC 2023

Hi, my company will soon update our product to work with openssl 3.0, delivered within the product. It is basically one process that loads dynamically that openssl 3.0 lib to manage https communication. But the process can also load dynamically (via configuration) database client drivers installed on a computer. (Mainly to perform secure connection with the database engine). But those database drivers are linked with the openssl version of the system. That is mainly openssl version 1.1.
We did some tests and both openssl libraries (v3.0 and v1.1) can be loaded at the same time in the same process, and seems to work without any issue.

What is your opinion about loading 2 different versions of the openssl in one single process ? Is this something you recommend ? support ?

What is the strategy about migrating from openssl 1.1 to openssl 3.0 ?

Frank Gross

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