Stapled OCSP responses for intermediate certs

Benjamin Kaduk bkaduk at
Fri Mar 3 00:38:03 UTC 2023

I don't know about (1) offhand, but (inline)

On Thu, Mar 02, 2023 at 05:25:48PM +0530, Akshath Hegde wrote:
>    Hi,
>    I had few questions about OCSP stapling for intermediate certificates.
>    On the client side I'm adding  "certificate status request" extension to
>    ClientHello message. For server, Im using an apache httpd server which has
>    OCSP responder details configured in ssl module. THe negotiated TLS
>    version is 1.3
>    1)The server has a multi tier cert chain. But it seems to be sending the
>    OCSP response for only the end entity certificate. Apache documentation
>    seems to suggest this is expected and multi-stapling is not supported. Is
>    anyone aware of a http server that supports multi-stapling?
>    2)On the client side, I'm registering for the OCSP response callback with
>    SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_status_cb.
>    In case of a multi tiered cert chain and OCSP response for each cert, is
>    this callback called once for each response?, or only one time?
>    If its called only only one time, how are the responses accessed?
>    SSL_get_tlsext_status_ocsp_response -> seems to return only one OCSP
>    response.
>    And I haven't been able to try tis for the lack of multi-stapling support
>    in http server

It looks like it is just called once at the end of processing the server's first flight.
The API was clearly designed prior to TLS 1.3 and not modernized as part of the TLS 1.3 implementation;
the updates were pretty minimal (see commit 7776a36cfa5853175a858fa32983f22f36513171 that just generalizes
from "process ServerDone" to "process server's first flight").

For TLS 1.3 you only get the response for the end-entity certificate; we specifically ignore the extension for other certificates in the chain.

>    3)The OCSP response callback seems to be called after the cert chain
>    verification callback has ended. Is there any reason for this?. The
>    authenticity of OCSP response is established by a different chain  (OCSP
>    response -> CA that signed cert), and doesn't need to wait for the server
>    end entity verification?. So instead of CRL, OCSP could have been used
>    during cert chain verification

I did not specifically go dig into the VCS history, but in general OpenSSL's
callback interfaces are not part of a intentional wholistic design; most were
added as one-offs to meet a specific purpose and they often can interact with
each other in quite unfortunate ways.  On the server side, many of the
callbacks are mostly superseded by the "client hello callback" that runs very
early and has well-defined interactions with other callbacks (and can act
before libssl has started processing anything), at the cost of needing to do
more parsing of the data by hand.  That doesn't help you here, of course; if
you need to see all the OCSP responses you will probably need to use a message
callback (SSL_CTX_set_msg_callback()) in order to get access to the


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