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Jonathan Day dayjonathanc at
Mon Mar 20 16:14:55 UTC 2023

I'm not watching GitHub because, as a user, my questions tend to be
targeted towards very specific problems I'm having* and I'm not in a
position to answer anyone else's questions. :)

*Legacy code can be... interesting to maintain. A fair chunk of the code
I'm working on is circa OpenSSL 1.0, although there are bits and pieces
that are from much earlier. But this means that the sorts of questions I'm
going to be asking in the near future will be unusual. Not that many people
are going to be jumping from 1.0.0 to 3.1.0, and even fewer will be
modernising truly ancient code. So looking out for such questions will be a
pointless endeavour.

In defence of the response times of this list, I got a response to my
question almost immediately. True, one data point does not a statistic
make, but I've not noticed any questions going astray in the brief time
I've been on the list. Responses seem to be quick and informative. It might
be that this is unusual, that I'd need to stay on the list a lot longer to
see the real pattern, so I'll rely on the views of others on that, but I am
not seeing anything that strongly reeks of list apathy.
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