OpenSSL project is considering to close this mailing list

Richard Levitte levitte at
Mon Mar 20 13:39:01 UTC 2023

On Sun, 19 Mar 2023 23:06:35 +0100,
Dennis Clarke via openssl-users wrote:
> This entire thread of discussion feels like some marketing people
> sat down and made the unilateral decision to just close the maillist
> for ordinary users such as myself.

Then I'm a marketing person.  Just the thought is quite amusing to say
the least.  (others have already disclaimed that a hard decision has
been made yet...)

Quite a few people have shared their love for this ML, and someone
pointed out that no one so far has told a contrary story...  so allow

My history with this list goes back all the way to the inception of
the project; I believe I posted my first VMS-related patch to
openssl-dev (yeah ok, different list, but so what) just a few days
later.  That's what, 24-25 years now?  I've thrived here, I got more
than one job just from making myself noticed on this list.

As features go, I could sing email's (and NNTP's) praise regarding the
threading features along with anyone.  They're simply unmatched by any
forum engine that I've seen.

Sadly...  my inboxes got bloated, I simply had too much traffic going
on to really keep up.  When we moved our development methods to Github
with its PR workflow, I more or less abandoned email for public OpenSSL
dev related stuff.  It's simply less painful to have a permanent tab
with that I go look at regularly.
I've generally stopped signing up on mailing lists, and am slowly
unsubscribing from quite a few, in an effort to make my inbox a less
painful endeavour to look at.

I do still occasionally respond on this ML, when a subject line gets
my attention, but that's really quite rare.  My main dev activity is
squarely using git, and hanging on Github.  (and mind you, the same
goes for most projects I keep an eye on, so I have a tab
as well for the few that I follow that are there)


P.S. I'm trying very hard to think and write from an engaged OpenSSL
user and contributor perspective here.

Richard Levitte         levitte at
OpenSSL Project

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