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Tomas Mraz tomas at
Mon Mar 20 16:50:35 UTC 2023

On Mon, 2023-03-20 at 12:31 -0400, Karl Denninger wrote:
> Yep.
> A few times I've asked questions on the list; as a developer who uses
> this library on a fairly routine basis I've got code out there that
> is both pretty current and that which was compiled on platforms and
> OS versions that are not anywhere near current -- and for various
> reasons beyond my control never will be.
> Will I take such questions to Github in the future if this goes
> away?  No.  I can (and do) scan the new messages on this list daily
> as its fast, easy, and in one place and in many cases that has
> alerted me to something I need to pay attention to.  I'm one of the
> "mostly-silents" who nonetheless take the information from
> discussions here and use it, in many cases narrowing security issues
> or understanding whether a particular problem is of importance to
> said software or not, and if it is, whether it can be successfully
> mitigated or not.  I don't have to open a web browser and dig through
> things; it comes straight to my inbox.  Some may see this as archaic
> but I see it as beneficial to my workflow, and the potential
> alternative isn't.

I wonder if some of the concerns were alleviated if we started using
the GitHub Discussions feature for the user-type questions and general
discussions of OpenSSL. You can subscribe and watch only Discussions on
a GH project - i.e., have notifications of new Discussion topics and
replies to them delivered to your e-mail.

You would not need to subscribe to all the traffic (i.e. the issues
related to development of OpenSSL would be still kept in Issues and
Pull requests). You can also reply to a thread by just replying to the
notification e-mail. So there is actually no need to use a Web browser
to read/reply on those discussions.

Of course that does not remove the requirement to actually have a GH
account. That is still necessary and that might still prevent some
people from participation.
Tomáš Mráz, OpenSSL

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