mailing list vs github

Jean-François Bachelet jfbachelet at
Thu Mar 30 01:48:08 UTC 2023

Hello :)

Le 28/03/2023 à 15:56, Tomas Mraz a écrit :
> We already get many user questions in form of issues (not PRs) on GH.
> You can subscribe separately to issues only not PRs but it would still
> be quite higher traffic than what you receive from this list.

that's what just proove suppressing the mailling lists is wrong!

just in term of bandwith wasted by accessing first a github, just to get 
what a mailling list give to us with a frugality of resources unrivalled 
is another proof that this approach is not the good one as we'll 
forcibly get far more than needed by most os us...


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