Help needed: "setting OSSL_PARAM Param[] values"

Hareesh Das Ulleri hareesh.ulleri at
Fri Mar 31 06:37:19 UTC 2023

Dear OpenSSL users,

  I have implemented a custom provider (OpenSSL 3.0.7) and its working when I hardcode with specific Cipher and blocksize in provider. I need to get this info from the application so that it can be settable in the custom provider. I have the function implemented for OSSL_FUNC_cipher_gettable_params, ... _get_ctx_params and _set_ctx_params etc in my provider.

  I tested with openssl command line utility program (e.g. openssl enc -cipher -aes-256-ctr -in in.bin -out out.bin -K ... -iv ... -nopad).  What I expect here or my understanding is openssl will pass or call the cipher operation parameters function in the custom provider so that it can set these values internally.

  Any help will appreciate if someone can give hint on what is missing here or needed to set cipher operation parameters !

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