OpenSSL seeks feedback on draft mission & values statement

Stephen Farrell stephen.farrell at
Fri Mar 31 23:46:15 UTC 2023


A question (hence sending to -users) and a comment (hence
sending to feedback too:-)

- Q: Will the feedback received also be published? Seems like
a good idea to do that (and consistent with the draft text).
I'd be fine if that were done including or excluding any spam

- comment: I'm not sure if it belongs in a mission statement
but I'd opine that the project could do with some better way
of handling some experimental work, e.g. I'm working on a
fork for ECH, others exist for e.g. PQC stuff. In itself
that's probably too fine-grained a thing to put in a mission
statement, but maybe some nod to a goal of timliness for
features that are widely agreed to be desirable for future
releases could be useful.


On 31/03/2023 10:08, Hugo Landau wrote:
> OpenSSL has produced a new draft mission & values statement. Once
> finalised, we intend to realign all activities of the project to ensure
> they reflect our agreed mission and values. Before doing so however, we
> would like to obtain feedback on this statement from the public, to
> ensure it represents all of our communities.
> By offering us your feedback, you will help us to ensure the OpenSSL
> project is run in a way that reflects the values of all of our users.
> Please ensure you submit your feedback by 14th April 2023.
> For further information on the draft mission & values statement and
> details on how to submit feedback, please see:
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