Solved - Re: provider not loaded on MacOS - Re: How to access keys on HW tokens via PKCS11 Provider?

David von Oheimb it at
Wed Sep 6 18:49:17 UTC 2023

>>> If you try to strace the command without -provider pkcs11 do you
>>> see any attempt to load the provider shared module?
>> Good thought to try 'strace' instead of the hard-to-use and in this case not very useful OPENSSL_TRACE=CONF.
>>   Yet I cannot reproduce the problem on Linux, while on MacOS, strace is not available.
>>   Would be really good if the OpenSSL config module loader provided better tracing.
>>   I had manually added some printfs to crypto/provider_core.c to find out that, for some reason,
>>   provider_activate() and provider_init() only get called for "default", but not for "pkcs11":
>> OPENSSL_TRACE=CONF apps/openssl x509 -noout -text -in "pkcs11:object=...;type=cert"
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Configuration in section openssl_init
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Adding config module 'alg_section'
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Adding config module 'providers'
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Adding config module 'random'
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Loading providers module: section provider_sect
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Configuring provider pkcs1
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Provider command: module = /usr/local/lib/ossl-modules/pkcs11.dylib
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Provider command: pkcs11-module-path = /Library/OpenSC/lib/
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Provider params: start section pkcs11_sect
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Provider params: module = /usr/local/lib/ossl-modules/pkcs11.dylib
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Provider params: pkcs11-module-path = /Library/OpenSC/lib/
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Provider params: finish section pkcs11_sect
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Configuring provider default
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Provider command: activate = 1
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Provider params: start section default_sect
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Provider params: activate = 1
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Provider params: finish section
>> default_sect
>> provider_activate name = default
>> provider_init name = default
>> TRACE[80:A0:6D:F0:01:00:00:00]:CONF: Running module providers
>> (provider_sect) returned 1
>> Yet when I add  -provider pkcs11  to the command line, this outputgets extended by:
>> provider_activate name = pkcs11
>> provider_init name = pkcs11
>> module_path = (null)
>> merged_path = /Users/david/openssl/providers/pkcs11.dylib
>> and the provider loading works, making use, e.g, of
>> pkcs11-module-path = /Library/OpenSC/lib/
>> Maybe this related to the annoying fact that LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not
>> work with MacOS, while DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH is a kind of replacement.
>>      David
> Not sure how LD_LIBRARY_PATH is related. It is not used when loading the provider modules.
I see.

> It is suspicious that there is no provider command activate=1 trace
> line for the pkcs11 provider.
Oh - I had originally copied that line

activate = 1

but at some point I must have accidentally deleted it for my 
pkcs11_section on MacOS - very sorry for my confusion!
Now, after re-adding it, the provider does get loaded automatically also 
without  "-provider pkcs11" given on the command line 🙂
So it actually works now, like it already did for me on Linux (where the 
"activate = 1" has been present all the time).

> Is the provider module path correct in the TRACE above? Could you try this tracing on Linux to compare?

When using the config file, /usr/local/lib/ossl-modules/pkcs11.dylib is 
correct in the sense that does contain the lib for MacOS,
but when "activate = 1" is missing in that section, the "module = ..." 
config line is not is really used, and this fact is not given in the trace.
This is just revealed by the printf("merged_path = %s\n", merged_path) 
output I added to provider_init() in provider_core.c.

Instead, like when not using the config file at all, -provider pkcs11 
silently gets translated to loading 
according to my setting OPENSSL_MODULES=/Users/david/openssl/providers 
and a copy of the provider lib is also there.

On the other hand, somewhat confusingly to me, the config line 
pkcs11-module-path = /Library/OpenSC/lib/ does 
take effect also without "activate = 1" (unless overridden by, e.g. 


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