stunnel 5.71 released

Michał Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at
Tue Sep 19 21:05:49 UTC 2023

Dear Users,

I have released version 5.71 of stunnel.

### Version 5.71, 2023.09.19, urgency: MEDIUM
* Security bugfixes
   - OpenSSL DLLs updated to version 3.1.3.
* Bugfixes
   - Fixed the console output of tstunnel.exe.
* Features sponsored by SAE IT-systems
   - OCSP stapling is requested and verified in the client mode.
   - Using "verifyChain" automatically enables OCSP
     stapling in the client mode.
   - OCSP stapling is always available in the server mode.
   - An inconclusive OCSP verification breaks TLS negotiation.
     This can be disabled with "OCSPrequire = no".
   - Added the "TIMEOUTocsp" option to control the maximum
     time allowed for connecting an OCSP responder.
* Features
   - Added support for Red Hat OpenSSL 3.x patches.

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Best regards,
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