[openssl-dev] Errors when loading an OpenSSL RSA Engine

Jeremy Farrell jeremy.farrell at oracle.com
Mon Mar 7 18:25:17 UTC 2016

On 07/03/2016 17:56, Richard Levitte wrote:
> In message <1457369381041-64385.post at n7.nabble.com> on Mon, 7 Mar 2016 09:49:41 -0700 (MST), danigrosu <dni.grosu at gmail.com> said:
> dni.grosu> I want to build an OpenSSL RSA engine, starting from this existing
> dni.grosu> source code file
> dni.grosu> which is a faster method implemented by Intel. First of all I want to
> dni.grosu> build this code so I'm using these commands:
> dni.grosu>
> dni.grosu> gcc -fPIC -m64 -o eng_rsax.o -c eng_rsax.c
> dni.grosu> gcc -shared -o eng_rsax.so -lcrypto eng_rsax.o
> You might want to try this:
>      gcc -shared -o eng_rsax.so eng_rsax.o -lcrypto
> When linking, order is important.

In the spirit of teaching to fish, this could have been discovered by 
looking at the makefiles which build the engine. Those aren't always 
easy to decipher, so an alternative would have been just to build that 
OpenSSL release and look at all the output lines from the build which 
mention eng_rsax.

J. J. Farrell

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