[openssl-project] As per vote, the project list is created

Richard Levitte levitte at openssl.org
Fri Dec 22 08:38:42 UTC 2017

The vote text is terse and says this:

    topic: We are going to create a new public mailing list,
    openssl-project, that will have omc and committers with posting
    privileges and anyone can subscribe as reader. Discussions and
    appropriate vote proposals should be on this list. Note that the
    openssl-omc list should be used for: releases, financials,
    security (and releases), legal issues, and membership discussions,
    and personnel issues (like vacation) and all actual voting as

This votes was passed with seven +1's and one -1, no abstentions.

Some of the details are still discussed, and may very well lead to
other votes which changes some of the details, or a more precise

The intent with this list has already been discussed, but I will recap
here.  Our intent is for more transparency, making our governance more
visible to all our team members (OMC and committers alike), and also
to the general public.  For all intents and purposes, discussions
about the project that isn't about development per se should go on
this list primarily.

The OMC reserves the right and may choose to have certain discussions
on the OMC specific list.  That is what the note about what
openssl-omc in the vote is about.  That note is restrictive, i.e. the
OMC *may* *NOT* discuss things that aren't mentioned in that note on

Note that actual OMC voting, at least as off now, will happen on
openssl-omc.  The vote text as well as the result will be presented
here, however, in much the same way as I presented the vote of this
list above.

[If I got something wrong, please correct me]


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