[openssl-project] As per vote, the project list is created

Tim Hudson tjh at cryptsoft.com
Fri Dec 22 08:45:48 UTC 2017

Almost completely correct in my view - except that the list of what can be
discussed on openssl-omc is an expected/suggested/anticipated list of
topics. It is not a prohibition on other topics. But it is very much the
intent to have things as open and as transparent as possible.

I do expect this will take some adjustment and we will be asking ourselves
and each other whether or not anything going to the OMC list should instead
be moved to openssl-project.


On 22 Dec. 2017 6:38 pm, "Richard Levitte" <levitte at openssl.org> wrote:

> The vote text is terse and says this:
>     topic: We are going to create a new public mailing list,
>     openssl-project, that will have omc and committers with posting
>     privileges and anyone can subscribe as reader. Discussions and
>     appropriate vote proposals should be on this list. Note that the
>     openssl-omc list should be used for: releases, financials,
>     security (and releases), legal issues, and membership discussions,
>     and personnel issues (like vacation) and all actual voting as
>     well.
> This votes was passed with seven +1's and one -1, no abstentions.
> Some of the details are still discussed, and may very well lead to
> other votes which changes some of the details, or a more precise
> policy.
> The intent with this list has already been discussed, but I will recap
> here.  Our intent is for more transparency, making our governance more
> visible to all our team members (OMC and committers alike), and also
> to the general public.  For all intents and purposes, discussions
> about the project that isn't about development per se should go on
> this list primarily.
> The OMC reserves the right and may choose to have certain discussions
> on the OMC specific list.  That is what the note about what
> openssl-omc in the vote is about.  That note is restrictive, i.e. the
> OMC *may* *NOT* discuss things that aren't mentioned in that note on
> openssl-omc.
> Note that actual OMC voting, at least as off now, will happen on
> openssl-omc.  The vote text as well as the result will be presented
> here, however, in much the same way as I presented the vote of this
> list above.
> [If I got something wrong, please correct me]
> Cheers,
> Richard
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