[openssl-project] 1.1.1 Release timetable

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Wed Dec 27 14:43:18 UTC 2017

On 27/12/17 13:45, Salz, Rich wrote:
> ➢ - All open github issues/PRs older than 2 weeks at the time of
> release to be assessed for relevance to 1.1.1. Any flagged with the
> 1.1.1 milestone to be closed (see below)
> I think this is no longer appropriate, since we migrated RT to GH
> issues and we are encouraging (soon to be public) everything to be
> put on GH.  Any flagged issue, yes, but two weeks is way too short.

I'm not sure I understand the relevance of the migration of RT to GH
issues to your point?

The 2 week thing basically says we can ignore any really new issues when
deciding whether we are ready to release. That was what we did for 1.1.0
and was on the basis that we constantly get new issues raised so if we
have to fix everything before we do a release then we could find
ourselves in a situation where we are just about to do a release and at
the last minute someone raises a new issue and we are obliged by the
release criteria to fix it before we can complete the release.

We could change that to say we will only worry about issues raised more
than (say) 4 weeks ago. The problem with that is that we are planning to
do the final release 4 weeks after the last beta. That would mean that
the release criteria would allow us to effectively ignore any issues
raised during the last beta period - which kind of defeats the point of
having a beta period. Or am I misunderstanding your point?


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