[openssl-project] The problem of (implicit) relinking and changed behaviour

Viktor Dukhovni openssl-users at dukhovni.org
Sun Apr 15 05:53:08 UTC 2018

> On Apr 15, 2018, at 1:38 AM, Richard Levitte <levitte at openssl.org> wrote:
> Errr, are we?  Please inform me, because I cannot remember having seen
> tests that specifically targets the case of programs built with 1.1.0
> that get implicitly relinked with 1.1.1 libraries (that's what you
> call "going forward", isn't it?), or data collection for that matter.
> I may have missed something, but I am interested.

It think it is most prudent to not fall into the trap of debating this
particular side-issue.  I commend your initiative of running the 1.1.0
tests against the 1.1.1 libraries, that's fantastic.  And I further
commend attention to the failure cases.  Thank you.

With that out of the way, it seems to me that apart from some fixes in
the test framework, and tests that did not expect protocol versions
higher than TLS 1.2, no *interesting* issues have turned up.

If such issue did or will turn up let's fix them, but there should not
be fundamental obstacles to an ABI-compatible 1.1.1 library with the
same SONAME as its 1.1.0 predecessor.  The new library may negotiate
TLS 1.3 which 1.1.0 did not, but I don't see that as an incompatibility
that requires an SONAME version bump.

Which is not to say I could not be convinced otherwise, but at present
I don't see a need for the bump, or for work-arounds to limit the
negotiated protocols for code compiled against 1.1.0 that happens to
run against 1.1.1.

Let's stay alert, but not overreact to minor issues we can resolve.


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