[openssl-project] Problems with waiting for specific person to merge

Richard Levitte levitte at openssl.org
Thu Apr 19 07:58:26 UTC 2018

When someone with write access to the main repo makes a PR and it gets
approved, we usually wait for the person to do the final merge.  This
is perfectly fine to expect from us who are so called fellows, i.e.
who are payed directly to work on OpenSSL...  but to ask this of
everyone else, when their $DAYJOB may suck them into something
entirely different at any given time?  I think that may be quite
unfair, and is bad for the project.

So I think it's time we address this cultural thing (*), and also
perhaps take a closer look at PRs that have been left hanging for this
reason, and take it upon ourselves to help each other merge when we
notice that it doesn't happen on its own.


(*) It appears to be deep seated...  there have been times when I knew
I was going to be away, and said that anyone is free to merge a PR I
submitted when it's approved, and it still didn't happen before I was
back and did it myself.
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