[openssl-project] Problems with waiting for specific person to merge

Dr. Matthias St. Pierre Matthias.St.Pierre at ncp-e.com
Thu Apr 19 08:30:03 UTC 2018

Speaking as one of the committer with $PAYROLL != "OpenSSL", I would like to add two remarks.

 I think the reluctance to merge other committer's  pull requests comes from the thought that it might appear impolite or that one does not want to interfere with the other's business. Personally, I don't have a problemat all if my pull requests are merged by others when I don't have the time to do it myself. When somebody notices that a pull request went stale after approval, I would suggest to ping the owner and give him/her a grace period of at least 24 hours to do it by it him/herself.  After that it is perfectly ok to merge it.

For tickets owned by non-committers, my observation is that it is often not clear who will merge. I for myself follow the habbit of self-assigning a ticket as indication that I intend to do the merge. Sometimes others do it the same way, but it is not a general practice. Maybe we could make this a general pattern?


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> Betreff: [openssl-project] Problems with waiting for specific person to merge
> When someone with write access to the main repo makes a PR and it gets
> approved, we usually wait for the person to do the final merge.  This
> is perfectly fine to expect from us who are so called fellows, i.e.
> who are payed directly to work on OpenSSL...  but to ask this of
> everyone else, when their $DAYJOB may suck them into something
> entirely different at any given time?  I think that may be quite
> unfair, and is bad for the project.
> So I think it's time we address this cultural thing (*), and also
> perhaps take a closer look at PRs that have been left hanging for this
> reason, and take it upon ourselves to help each other merge when we
> notice that it doesn't happen on its own.
> Cheers,
> Richard
> (*) It appears to be deep seated...  there have been times when I knew
> I was going to be away, and said that anyone is free to merge a PR I
> submitted when it's approved, and it still didn't happen before I was
> back and did it myself.
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