[openssl-project] Removing assembler for outdated algorithms

Salz, Rich rsalz at akamai.com
Sat Feb 10 22:06:10 UTC 2018

There is a maintenance cost.  Maybe it is negligible, but there is a cost.

  *   The build rules are more complicated; we have had errors with .S vs .s files
  *   There are more internal config parameters to understand
  *   There are more ifdefs in the code
  *   There’s only one person who really understands the perlasm stuff

I think “significant maintenance cost” is not the question to ask.  It’s maintenance and risk versus use.

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Before we look at removing things like this, I think we should look at whether or not they actually have a significant maintenance cost.


On 11 Feb. 2018 7:08 am, "Salz, Rich" <rsalz at akamai.com<mailto:rsalz at akamai.com>> wrote:
This is derived from bureau/libcrypto-proposal that Emilila made in November 2015.

We should remove the assembler versions of the following
                Blowfish, cast, des, rc4, rc5, ripemd, whirlpool, md5

The reason is that they are outdated, not in use very much, and optimization is not important, compared to having a single reference source that we can maintain and debug.

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