[openssl-project] Fw: [openssl-commits] Copyright warnings for refs/heads/master

Paul Dale paul.dale at oracle.com
Tue Jan 9 22:53:14 UTC 2018

Would it make sense for a commit script to fix errant copyright dates rather than just flagging them and forcing manual intervention?  I'm not suggesting adding missing copyright headers, just fix existing ones.

Failing that could the copyright data check be part of the github checks in the PR?  Better to catch this early rather than late.

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Subject: [openssl-project] Fw: [openssl-commits] Copyright warnings for refs/heads/master

Right now, there's a post-receive script on our git server that emails Rich and me with messages such as the attached.  It also checks if any NEW file lacks a copyright blurb entirely and notifies then as well.

I'm thinking we should make this a VREF (*) that refuses to take a push, much like the reviewer checking VREF, and that we add a Travis job that does check these things as well.

What are your thoughts on this?  This will affect the workflow for each of us, and quite harshly so.  It also means we need to take it upon ourselves edit the copyright lines ourselves (there's a script util/openssl-update-copyright that helps), or go back to the author.
(of course, a Travis check will help too...)


(*) A VREF is a special thing in gitolite, which we use for our git
    repos.  Basically, it's a special variant of the update git hook
    that is used to figure out if a push should be accepted or not,
    all depending on the criteria that VREF has been programmed with.

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