[openssl-project] What's a new feature, vs what's a fix?

Paul Dale paul.dale at oracle.com
Sun Jan 21 23:25:02 UTC 2018

I'll start by saying I'm generally in agreement.

> - is a new config target a new feature?  I think that most of us have
>   agreed that it is, but am not entirely sure everyone sees it that
>   way.

I would say that it is a new feature too.

> - is a new config option a new feature?  I have argued that it is, but
>   am not at all sure we have a consensus.

I'd tend to think of it as a new feature.  However, I'd allow an obvious API that was omitted.

> - is a new C macro to indicate if a certain feature is desirable or
>   not a new feature?  I actually have no clue, which is also the
>   reason I raised the question in the PR.
>   A side question is why this was coded as a direct C macro
>   configuration and not as our other config options, and in that case,
>   why we should consider it differently from the usual config options.

If it were a new function instead of a macro would it be included?
Does it pass the test of being a fairly obvious function that is missing?
Without additional context, a feature test would seem to qualify as a fix.

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