[openssl-project] What's a new feature, vs what's a fix?

Andy Polyakov appro at openssl.org
Mon Jan 22 13:44:58 UTC 2018

> - is a new config target a new feature?  I think that most of us have
>   agreed that it is, but am not entirely sure everyone sees it that
>   way.

At the same time one can argue that rules don't have to be as rigid for
LTS. It's appropriate to "entice" people to use latest version, but at
the same time we actually recognize that it's not actually reasonable to
unconditionally *demand* that they do. How do we do that? By maintaining
LTS concept itself. Now, one of OpenSSL's strong sides is that it's
multi-platform, i.e. facilitates common applications across multiple
platforms. And on certain level denial of new platform support actually
contradicts LTS concept. Because it prevents stable application code
reuse. Do note "don't have to be as rigid for LTS" in the beginning. It
doesn't mean that we should be open to *any* suggestion, only that we
don't have be closed to *every* one of them. To give a practical
example, consider Android clang problem... [I refer to the fact that
they plan to remove gcc from ndk.]

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