[openssl-project] Monthly Status Report (August)

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Tue Sep 4 15:39:00 UTC 2018

As well as normal reviews, responding to user queries, wiki user
requests, OMC business, handling security reports, etc., key activities
this month:

- Attended a number of conference calls related to FIPS
- Attended the week long FIPS summit in Brisbane. A lot was achieved and
write ups of the various discussions that were held will appear over the
coming weeks and months.
- Various activities trying to shepherd the 1.1.1 release towards a
- Produced a PR to revert the TLSv1.2 to TLSv1.3 PSK reuse. Ultimately
it was decided to retain the reuse and the PR was closed without merge.
- Performed the 1.1.0i and 1.0.2p releases
- Fixed an issue where under certain error conditions a call to SSLfatal
could be missed
- Resolved some issues with TLSv1.3 alerts after early_data
- Fixed compilation with no-comp
- Implemented some improvements to the TLSv1.3 fallback protection
- Implemented some improvements for the usability of the ca app using EdDSA
- Fixed some documentation that incorrectly stated we used md5 as a
default in the req app
- Created a PR to a fix problems in a scenario with a client that only
writes and a server that only reads
- Implemented updates required for the final TLSv1.3 version (RFC8446)
- Changed post-handshake auth so that it is opt-in only
- Attended the OSTIF advisory committee meeting
- Fixed an issue in certain circumstances where a fallback/downgrade was
incorrectly being reported
- Performed the 1.1.1-pre9 release
- Made some clarifications to the EVP_DigestSign*/EVP_DigestVerify* docs
- Fixed some mem leaks on error paths


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