[openssl-project] Release Criteria Update

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Tue Sep 4 16:11:41 UTC 2018

Current status of the 1.1.1 PRs/issues:

There are currently 6 open PRs for 1.1.1. However in 2 cases there are 2
alternative implementations for the same thing - so really there are
only 4 issues being addressed. One of these is in the "ready" state.

The remaining 3 are:

#7114 Process KeyUpdate and NewSessionTicket messages after a close_notify
(an alternative to the older PR, #7058)

Awaiting review
Owner: Matt

#7113 An alternative to address the SM2 ID issues
(an alternative to the older PR, #6757)

Currently being reviewed
Owner: Paul Yang

#7073 Support EdDSA in apps/speed

Awaiting updates following review comments
Owner: Paul Yang

There are 2 open issues for 1.1.1. One of these is being addressed by
PR#7073 above. The other one is:

#7014 TLSv1.2 SNI hostname works in 1.1.0h, not in 1.1.1 master (as of

This one seems stuck!! No clear way forward as yet.

Ben - any views?


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