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Richard Levitte levitte at
Thu May 23 15:17:20 UTC 2019

On Thu, 23 May 2019 16:25:07 +0200,
Salz, Rich wrote:
> I understand that OpenSSL is changing things so that, by mechanism (and maybe by policy although
> it’s not published yet), two members of the same company cannot approve the same PR.  That’s
> great.  (I never approved Akamai requests unless it was trivial back when I was on the OMC.)

We mostly seem to agree that it's morally dubious to approve stuff
from people of the same company, and as far as I've heard so far, it's
to ensure that the project's interests are over-ridden by company
interests (including involuntary bias, which no one is really free

> Should this policy be extended to OpenSSL’s fellows?

I believe it's assumed that fellows have the project's interests in
mind before any other work, so no conflicting bias there, i.e. not
quite the same.  If this is a possible point of dispute, we should
discuss it, of course.


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